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#13 Porsche, the first EV on track at Sear's Point Raceway, early 1990s.

Clare Bell at the wheel. Photo by ElectroAutomotive


As some of you may know, I had a career in electric and alternate-energy vehicles from 1990 to about 2004. I started out by building a Baja Volkswagon EV from a kit and began reporting for the Electric Auto Association's Current EVents newlsetter.  #13, a converted 1974 Porsche 914 led me into electric vehicle rallying and racing, including the Arizona Public Service Company's Solar and Electric races from 1992-1998. 



#13 prepped for the APS race with experimental high-capacity Horizon batteries.

Photo by WE'RE-IT Women's Electric Racing Team 1993




#13 Porsche on-track at APS Electrics race, Mary Ann Chapman driving

Photo by Clare Bell


The APS Solar and Electric races did a lot to push modern EV technology and they should be recognized as a major factor in devloping today's new EVs.  The race saw the first fast-charging and battery-battery dump techniques, the first use of high voltage DC controllers and the first high-power AC controllers as well as many other innovations.  I was proud to be a participant. 

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Clare Bell - Photo by Chuck Piper 2006

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